Sunday, 25 August 2013

Music share project

Hello everyone!

Last night I was thinking about how many people in this fanbase are members of bands (or just have a great knowledge of bands) that few people have had the pleasure of listening to yet. And I think that's a shame. We often become reliant on the bands and artists that we are already accustomed to, and when that happens, it means that we miss out on a variety of fantastic music.

So I was wondering, what if we were to do a monthly thing, where we could all recommend new music to our fellow fans?

The concept is easy: All you have to do is choose a song that you want others to listen to and post a link to said song on a social networking site such as twitter or tumblr, paired with a hashtag that will become the project's unique mark. 

NOTE: We're still trying to decide what the project will be called, but once this is decided, we'll let you know!

Once everyone has sent in their recommendations, I'll create a playlist of all of the songs for your listening pleasure and voila! Hopefully we'll all have found a few new bands/artists to listen to.

Let me know if you have any ideas for what hashtag we could use for the project, thus far, people have suggested:
  • ParafamMusicShare
  • StillIntoNewMusic
  • NewMusicToYourLife
  • ParascotMusicShare
  • AllIWantedWasTunes
  • ParafamMixtape


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