Sunday, 7 July 2013

'(One Of Those) Crazy Girls' basic script

INT. Hayley's house - afternoon 

We start off in black and white, to reflect the old movies that epitomises the perfect relationship that people strive to have. 

Hayley and her boyfriend sit on the sofa, watching TV. Hayley's dressed in a modern spin of 60's inspired clothing, whereas her boyfriend is dressed in t-shirts and jeans. Hayley's dressed to reflect the old-school, romantic gestures she longs for (in this video, at least), with her boyfriend's dress sense reflecting his more modern, less committed attitude towards relationships.

"Now when you say you wanna slow down, 
Does it mean you wanna slow dance?
Maybe you just wanna a little extra time to focus 
On our romance"
Hayley tries to hold hands with her boyfriend, but he pulls his hand away. She looks shocked but tries to cuddle into him regardless. He looks frustrated by this and gets up, causing her to fall over. He begins to shout at her. She pops up from behind the arm rest and begins to sing:
What do you mean I "got it backwards"? You know we're gonna be forever!Why are you telling me goodbye, Aren't you gonna stay the night?"
She motions to the wall, where a picture of a loved up Hayley and her uninterested looking boyfriend hangs in the frame of a love heart. Her boyfriend grabs his keys and heads to the door.
"Are we really over now?Maybe I can change your mindSoon as you walk out my door, I'm gonna call a hundred times..."
He slams the door behind him. Hayley pauses for a second, looking confused. She then grabs her phone and begins to dial his number, pulling a crazy expression whilst doing so.

TITLE CARD: One month later

EXT: Pavement, afternoon
"Now I walk under a pink sky,
Lovers float along and pass me by
I pour my heart out to your voice mail,
Let you know I caught a bus
To your side of town"
The world is now in colour.  

Hayley walks down the street, dressed top to toe in black. She tries to intimidate couples that walk past her. It's clear that she's still not over her break up. She spots her ex and his new girlfriend feeding each other in a 60's diner across the road. She looks furious, and is away to storm across the road when Jeremy and Taylor emerge from the venue, grab her arms and pull her backwards. 
"And now I'm standing at your doorstep, With Los Angeles behind me If you don't answer I'll just use the key that I copied 'Cause I really need to see you"
INT: Dressing room - afternoon

Hayley snarls the lyrics, whilst throwing darts at a dartboard with her ex-boyfriend's face on it. Taylor and Jeremy shoot each-other a concerned glance. Taylor heads to the door and opens it. A group of fangirls have congregated outside of the dressing room and let out a synchronised scream, thrusting magazines and signs asking him to have their babies in his face. He quickly shuts the door on them, and blocks the exit with his body.

"If you're not here when I break in, I'm gonna go through your closet, Just so I can smell your skin As the chemicals swim, I know I'll never love again, I swear I'll never love again"
The fangirls break into their dressing room, ties up Jeremy and Taylor and carries them away. Hayley, who is sitting in the corner of the room, sobs into a tub of ice-cream and screams "WHY?" at a photo of her ex-boyfriend's face, noticing none of what just happened.
"Baby, are we over now, Maybe I can change your mind, As soon as you walk out my door,I'm gonna call a hundred times "
INT: Room filled with photos of ex boyfriend's face

The band perform in a room covered with pictures of Hayley and her boyfriend together. Close up of instruments, the photo collage and Hayley's mascara stained face.

"I'm not one of those, Crazy girls I'm not one of those, Crazy girls I'm not one of those, Crazy girls I'm not one of those, Crazy girls"
Taylor and Jeremy regain consciousness. The camera slowly comes into focus to show a close up of a group of crazed fangirl's faces. They chant "I'm not one of those crazy girls". We slowly zoom out and realise that they're all in wedding dresses. The guys look at each-other, and notice that they are both in suits. One of the girls tries to hold Taylor's hand, causing another girl to slap her in the face with the bouquet. A fight breaks out between them. The pair cut through the ropes with a key and slip out of the back door as the fight continues. 
"Hey baby, are we over now?Maybe I can change your mindAs soon as you walk out my door, I'm gonna call a hundred times"
Hayley sees the loved up couple driving down the street. She steps out in front of their car, and clinging to the bonnet, screams the lyrics at them. Her ex slams on the breaks, causing her to roll onto the street. His new girlfriend bends over to see if she's okay. Hayley grabs her by the throat. A man in white runs over and gives her an injection, causing her to pass out.
"Hey baby, are we over now?Maybe I can change your mindAs soon as you walk out my door,I'm gonna call a hundred times"
The girls realise that they've lost Jeremy and Taylor, and run after them in their wedding dresses. The guys check behind them and realise that they've got an army of would-be-brides coming after them. They run into a costume shop and put on a couple of masks to confuse them. The girls look around, in an attempt to find them, but can only see a couple of gorillas in suits. They start to squabble again, trying to determine who is to blame for letting them go. This allows Jeremy and Taylor to sneak out, still wearing the gorilla heads.
"Now I'm one of those crazy girls, Now I'm one of those crazy girls, Now I'm one of those crazy girls, Now I'm one of those crazy girls"

We cut back to the band performing, starting off with a close up of Hayley, and zooming out slowly. We see that Jeremy and Taylor are still in their gorilla heads (probably still hiding from the crazed fangirls). We also realise that Hayley is in a strait-jacket, and as we zoom out even further, we can see that the room the band have been performing in has actually been a padded room. 


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