Sunday, 30 June 2013

Paramore quiz - 30/08/2013

Question one: What was Taylor doing whilst Jeremy and Hayley were writing 'Holiday'?

He was grocery shopping.

Question two: Josh and Jeremy featured in which band's music video back in 2008? 

The Rocket Summer's 'Do You Feel'

Question three: Which song did Hayley feel as though Paramore were "born to write"?

'Last Hope'.

Question four: What were some of the names that Paramore had before they finally settled on Paramore?

You could have said Astrophel (the name they went by on their first ever show) or Drop Dead, Gorgeous. The band played Purple Door as Drop Dead, Gorgeous in 2004, and there are t-shirts with the band's name on it out there.

Question five: The treatment to which Paramore music video was written in Starbucks?

'The Only Exception'.

Question six: Carlos De La Garza helped with the making of 'Paramore', but what did he do?


Question seven: Which song inspired one of Taylor's tattoos? 

Taylor's "God is love, and love is real" tattoo was inspired by mewithoutYou's song 'The Soviet' 

Question eight: Who was in the band first - Hayley or Taylor?

Taylor was originally in a band with the Farro's before Hayley was invited to join. Taylor was phased out as he focused on finishing high school whilst the rest of the band toured, and although he joined them on tour as a touring member, he wasn't reinstated as an original member until 2009.

The band wasn't even called Paramore when Taylor was in it originally, and it was during this period that he helped to write 'Conspiracy'.

Question nine: How did Hayley crash Miss Anne (her old car)?

She was calling someone whilst driving, and was stopped at traffic lights whilst ending her call. Her foot pressed down on the acceleration as she pressed end on the call, and it caused her to ram into the back of the driver in front.

Question ten: What 'Paramore' song was Jeremy's favourite to write and record? 

'Ain't It Fun'.

Hayley's favourite is 'Still Into You' and Taylor's favourite is 'Last Hope'.


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