Thursday, 25 October 2012

Justin Meldal-Johnsen interview and Paramore recording process deadline

Justin Meldal-Johnsen (who is producing Paramore's fourth album) did an extremely in depth interview with Damn the Torpedoes, which can be found here.

The most exciting news is that Paramore's recording deadline means that the band need to be finished with the recording process by this time next week.
"Paramore ends on October 31st, basically, we finish. It's do or die."
But here are some other good quotes from his interview about Paramore and album number four: 
"Their eyes are just wide open and their tastes are broader and their willingness to try is much more extreme."
"I can tell that this is different. And it's reflecting in the type of songs, and the range... I don't want to say stylistic but there are some broad stylistic touches that I would have never have expected from a Paramore album."
"They are not by any means reinventing the wheel with what they are. They are attempting to carry the banner as Paramore, in terms of what it means to their fans and what it means to them and the power that it has and the sort of intense, raw emotion and euphoria of their gigs. All these various things. And they're not... the songs are lending themselves to be part of the landscape of their existing music just fine. But they are free. They are free to the extent that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. And that's the perfect time for me to work with the band. And it's exhilarating for me to see."
"I was involved slightly on some of their writing. Late in the game, of the writing."
"My process with this album is to use a mixing engineer who is not me or my engineer, to use someone separate from the process, because it's a dense record and there's a lot of songs, so I don't want to have to, sort of, be the only point of view, I want to incorporate someone else's external perspective and it's going to be very helpful."
"*referring to the songs having a 3D aspect to them* When you listen to a song it's going to be like, you're not going to get it first time necessarily. There's going to be some layers in there for you to perceive. There's nuance in there."
Things that the interview taught us: 
  • The album's recording deadline is next Wednesday, meaning that by this time next week, the band should have recorded all of their songs for album number four.
  • The band were much more willing to try new things with this album, but have maintained their musical identity whilst doing so, staying true to what Paramore represents.
  • The new music compliments the band's older material.
  • Justin Meldal-Johnsen helped with the later stages of the writing process.
  • He will use an external mixing engineer to give him a new perspective and to help ensure that all of the songs sound the best that they possibly can.
  • There's layers to the songs that we may not be able to appreciate straight-away.


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