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Paramore's fourth album - what we know so far

  • The fourth album will be self titled. Hayley says that it has been called 'Paramore' throughout nearly the entire process of creating the album.
  • They told fans that the album is named after the band because it played a big part in the trio "rediscovering [themselves] as a band and as friends." They said that making this album gave them "the freedom to explore new territory artistically and to liberate [themselves] as musicians, singers" and as people. They conclude the explanation of what the album's name means by simply stating "This album is us."
  • Hayley describes 'Paramore' as "the most 'upbeat' (emotionally)" album the band have ever written (by adding emotionally in parenthesis, Hayley seems to be suggesting that the music may not be as upbeat as the lyrical meaning behind it).
  • Hayley also describes it as "a feel good album with a very deep core", adding that it's "very human" with "a lot of youth" in it. 
Album artwork

  • Some of the artists that Paramore love will be designing their album artwork for them, although nothing has been decided on at the present moment

The official, seventeen song tracklist for the album goes like this:
  1. 'Fast in My Car'
  2. 'Now'
  3. 'Grow Up'
  4. 'Daydreaming'
  5. 'Moving On' (interlude)
  6. 'Ain't It Fun'
  7. 'Part II'
  8. 'Last Hope'
  9. 'Still Into You'
  10. 'Anklebiters'
  11. 'Holiday' (interlude)
  12. 'Proof'
  13. 'Hate To See Your Heartbreak'
  14. '(One of Those) Crazy Girls'
  15. 'I'm Not Angry Anymore' (interlude)
  16. 'Be Alone' 
  17. 'Future'
  • The tracklist was originally said to be at least 19 songs long, but has ended up being 17 songs long.
  • 'Escape Route', 'Tell Me It's Okay' and 'Native Tongues' are rumoured to be the titles of the bonus tracks
  • Paramore have recorded "a lot of songs" according to Hayley and they will release every single one of them, whether they are part of the album or not
  • Despite what James McMahon implied in this tweet, 'I'm Into You' is not going to be a song on the new album. It turns out that he was only one word out, and that the actual title is 'Still Into You'.
  • The first single from the new album is called 'Now'. 
  • It was released on January 22nd
  • The music video was shot for it in one day, and it was directed by Daniel 'Cloud' Campos. Hayley said it was her favourite yet.
Song information
  • Hayley refered to 'Last Hope' as the song Paramore were destined to write
  • 'Ain't It Fun' is the song that features the gospel choir on it
Release dates
  • The album will be released on April 9th in the US, but it will be released a day earlier in the UK and even earlier (April 5th) in Australia
  • 'Now', the first single of the album, will be released on January 22nd.
  • The UK is supposed to have to wait until February 24th to download it, but this has not yet been confirmed.
Release formats
  • According to Hayley, 'Paramore' will "most definitely" be available on vinyl.
  • There won't be a making of DVD to go along with the release
  • There will however be a "special package" for us to buy
Lyrical meaning
  • 'Now' aims to remind people that "you can lose battles but come back and win full on wars. You can rise from ashes. You can make something out of even less than nothing. The only thing you have to do is keep moving forward!"
  • One of the songs will have a similar lyrical meaning to 'Let the Flames Begin', although it will come across "a bit more hopeless". Hayley describes it as being about the human condition and how when we get to the bottom of what we deemed to be a bottomless pit, the only way to look is up. Potentially 'Last Hope'?
  • Another one of the songs will focus on being alone, not lonely, but rather enjoying the state of being alone. Almost guaranteed that this song is 'Be Alone'.
  • Jeremy and Taylor would like the lyrics to be a surprise, but Hayley enjoys releasing them early.
  • Hayley promised that she'd write more about the lyrics and the process she went through to write them in the months to come
Confirmed lyrics (through new merchandise designed by Kyle Crawford, magazines or twitter)
  • "Two different worlds"
  • "I got a love I would die for"
  • "Ain’t it fun being in the real world? Ain’t it good living on your own?" -'Ain't It Fun'
  • "It's just a spark but it's enough to keep me going" - 'Last Hope'
  • "Ain't it fun living in the real world, ain't it good living on your own" - 'Ain't It Fun'
What we assume to be lyrics
  • "Let the pain remind you hearts can heal"
  • "If it can be broken, it can be healed"
  • "My heart is bigger than the distance in between us"
  • "All that's in between a new life and I is time"
  • "Got my band and a light that won't go out"
  • "Everything happens for more than one reason"
Other speculations
  • Some believe that the 'Monster' outro is a snippet from a new song. 
What sort of sounds will feature on the album
  • A Gospel choir features on one of the tracks.
  • There will also be a live strings section on the album, composed and led by Roger Manning Jr.
  • Taylor also said that the band tracked some cowbell for the album.
  • Hayley plays piano for at least one of the songs on the album.
  • They used a rainbow machine for at least one of the songs. 
People who helped make the album
  • Justin Meldal-Johnsen was chosen to produce the band's fourth album way back in April.
  • Ilan Rubin was drummer for the album. He's extraordinarily talented and have worked with the likes of Lostprophets, Nine Inch Nails and Angels and Airwaves.
  • Ken Andrews of Failure fame will be mixing the band's album for them. 
  • The band haven't decided who will master their album yet. Taylor, even though he is into mixing, said "I think I need to defer to JMJ when it comes to picking the right guy"
Paramore Fan Club
  • They have "big plans" for PFC members, although refuse to disclose any information about these plans at the present time
  • Hayley said that the band haven't forgotten about the Paramore Fan Club, and that the only reason that they haven't been on chat recently is because they have "been doing a lot of work on it [with Fueled By Ramen] to make it better". She also stated that "lots of new ideas have been thrown around" concerning the fan club.
Reactions to 'Paramore'
  • Kerrang! editor James McMahon took to twitter to say "If you're a @paramore fan, it's going to blow your head off. If you're not already a Paramore fan, you could be." He adds that "That "I'm into you one" is a MIGHTY tune".
  • And, last but not least, Hayley's Grandat wants us to know that "he loves  [Paramore's] new songs and that [we] will too."
  • Wendy Rollins (Radio 104.5) announced the title of Paramore's first single off of their fourth album early. She described it as sounding like a matured version of 'Riot!'. She subsequently deleted this tweet, probably due to the fact that the information wasn't supposed to be released until a later date.
Other information
  • They finished the recording process on October 31st. 
  • Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor own an unfinished mix of at least one of the new songs, which Hayley was listening to whilst writing this post.


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