Sunday, 21 October 2012

Paramore quiz - 21/10/2012

Here's the answers to today's Paramore quiz. 

Question 1) A company called 'The Painted Nail' have four Paramore inspired nail polish names. Can you name one of them?

You could have said one of the following:

Question 2) Which of the current band members were in the band first - Hayley, Jeremy or Taylor?

Taylor was in the band with the Farro's before Hayley joined, before the band was even called Paramore. He helped to write 'Conspiracy' during this period. Jeremy was the last to join out of the current member. Taylor left the band to concentrate on finishing high school, and although he rejoined as a touring member in 2007 after the departure of Hunter Lamb, he wasn't made an official member until the 15th June 2009.

Question 3) Where was Hayley when she came up with the original idea for 'The Only Exception' video?

She was in a Starbucks in Franklin, potentially with the other members of Paramore, potentially with director Brandon Chesbro. You can find the original treatment for the video here.

Question 4) Hayley used to take dancing classes. What type of dancing did she learn?

You could have said either:
  • Modern dance
  • Hip-hop
She talks about it briefly in this webchat (at 2.12).

Question 5) What does Jeremy consider to be his obsession?

Fast-food. He says it on this webchat (at 5.35). Hayley then goes into her obsession, which she says is creating. Jeremy then says it's a better answer than his.

Question 6) Who's Jeremy's favourite rapper?


Question 7) What was Hayley's Mum going to name her if she was a boy?

"And not that I don't like the name Chase but... I'm glad I wasn't a boy."
Question 8) What did Taylor name his car?

He named his car Kobe, after the Swahili word for turtle.

Question 9) How many guitar lessons has Taylor taken?

Two. He learned everything else he knows from his brother Justin, Josh or by self-teaching.

Question 10) Taylor named one of his goldfish after a Disney character What did he name it?

He named it Sebastian. He won it in pre-school. He named it after the crab in 'The Little Mermaid'. He also had one called Jaws, named after the shark. He had another goldfish which he named Gill. It has nothing to do with movies but he thought it was hilarious because it was a name and it had to do with fish biology.


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