Friday, 27 December 2013

Paramore Year End Quiz (part 2)

Round Two: Quote madness

I've removed some words out of these 2013 Paramore quotes. Can you tell me what word(s) are missing and who said each quote?

1. "Your ____ is a gift to the world." [1 missing word]

2. "Stay _____ and treat people well" [1 missing word]

3. "You can't do everything ideally, you can just try to ________" [4 missing words]

4. "Social media is either about positivity, self-expression and community.... Or it's a breeding ground for ______ [3 missing words]

5. "Our only real aspirations are to be ______" [6 missing words]

6. "If you are young, your greatest weapon is ____." [1 missing word]

7. "Since when is it Noo-tella? ____? I don't understand!"

8. "You don't know the meaning of ridiculous til you've driven over 16 speed bumps with a ____ in your backseat." [1 missing word]

9.  "If I was there ______ they would change the name of the show to ______." [5 missing words]

10. "Like 10 vitamins stuck in my throat... ________. Dying." [3 missing words]


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