Friday, 27 December 2013

Paramore Year End Quiz (part 1)

Round One: The 'Paramore' round

1. What 'Paramore' song was one of the first songs the band started to write for the record, but the last song that they actually finished?

2. Which 'Paramore' song's lyrics did Hayley write and finish at 1am, the morning before the band's first show in Madrid?

3. Which song did Hayley refer to as the song that the band were "born to write"? 

4. The band wrote another song for the album, but completely ran out of time to record it. What was the title of this song?

5. Which fan favourite was close to never being recorded as a Paramore song?

6. "We sang along to the start of forever"
Which song was Hayley referring to when she sang that in 'Still Into You'?

7. Which 'Paramore' song was inspired by a struggle to fit into a Honda Hybrid car?

8. Who did Hayley write 'Hate To See Your Heartbreak' for?

9. Which song's lyrics were inspired by Hayley's "Tony-in-West-Side-Story-moment"?

10. 'Paramore' is a gold certified album in which two countries?


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