Monday, 30 December 2013

Paramore Year End Quiz (part five)

Round five - Trivia

Oh, come on! It wouldn't be a Parascots quiz without some horrifically difficult questions.

1. Jeremy signed a fan's inhaler this year, but what message did he famously write on it?

2. What does Jeremy consider to be the most difficult part of touring?

3. "Why won't they just reunite already?" - which band was Hayley referring to when she said this? 

4. Hayley freaked out on a livestream earlier this year when which celebrity followed her on twitter? 

5. Taylor recorded drums for which band's song? 

6. Which musician was selling off Taylor's guitars earlier this month?

7. Someone decided to make their own 'Fast In My Car' video earlier this year, but what was it that made it so unique?

8. Who directed the first (and unused) music video for 'Ain't It Fun'?

9. What unfortunate incident happened to Paramore's well loved touring drummer Miles McPherson this year?

10. What important title did Hayley have in October of this year?


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