Tuesday, 31 December 2013

End of Year Quiz

Round one 

1. What 'Paramore' song was one of the first songs the band started to write for the record, but the last song that they actually finished?
'Escape Route'.
2. Which 'Paramore' song's lyrics did Hayley write and finish at 1am, the morning before the band's first show in Madrid?
3. Which song did Hayley refer to as the song that the band were "born to write"? 
'Last Hope'.
4. The band wrote another song for the album, but completely ran out of time to record it. What was the title of this song?
'Tell Me It's Okay'.
5. Which fan favourite was close to never being recorded as a Paramore song?
'Ain't It Fun'. If Hayley hadn't heard the iconic riff playing on loop, Taylor probably wouldn't have even let his band mates listen to it, considering how different it is from what they have recorded in the past.
6. "We sang along to the start of forever" Which song was Hayley referring to when she sang that in 'Still Into You'?
'Birdhouse In Your Soul' by They Might Be Giants
7. Which 'Paramore' song was inspired by a struggle to fit into a Honda Hybrid car?
'Fast In My Car'.
8. Who did Hayley write 'Hate To See Your Heartbreak' for?
Taylor York.
9. Which song's lyrics were inspired by Hayley's "Tony-in-West-Side-Story-moment"?
10. 'Paramore' is a gold certified album in which two countries?
Australia and the UK. 

Round two 

"Your art is a gift to the world. Whether your audience is big or small, better that you release your inspiration and your art than hold it inside." - Hayley

"Stay humble and treat people well. No matter where you are, because everyone goes up and everyone goes down." - Taylor

"You can't do everything ideally, you can just try to be a loving person" - Taylor

"Social media is either about positivity, self-expression and community.... Or it's a breeding ground for hate and negativity" - Hayley

"Our only real aspirations are to be as good as we can be." - Taylor

"If you are young, your greatest weapon is hope. It's stronger now than it will ever be. You just have to find it." - Hayley

7. "Since when is it Noo-tella? Hazel-noots? I don't understand! - Hayley

8. "You don't know the meaning of ridiculous til you've driven over 16 speed bumps with a tambourine in your backseat." - Hayley

9.  "If I was there Slappin Da Bass they would change the name of the show to The Slap" - Jeremy

10. "Like 10 vitamins stuck in my throat... Opposite of health. Dying." - Hayley

Round three

1. Taylor had just slapped Hayley's new tattoo.

2. 'Still Into You' had just been certified gold in Canada.

3. They were reacting to a huge rumble of thunder.

4.  Hayley and Taylor were celebrating the band's first Billboard number one record.

5. Quite simple: food. And lots of it.

6. Hayley was terrified of a 'floating' street performer.

7. Hayley was pretending to pass out from carrying luggage.


We may fangirl over Paramore, but Hayley reminds us that there's a fangirl stuck within all of us as she squeals over being in the same building as Hulk Hogan.

9. This was a still from the Madison Square Garden show announcement video. 

Fair to say, they were pretty excited about the news.

10.  This interviewer thought Paramore were pretty badass to 'kick' Josh and Zac out of the band...

Paramore thought this interviewer was pretty badass himself.

Round four

1. Baby Davis (Bay. Bee. Day. Vis.)
2. Conan O'Brien (Cone. Anne. Oh. Brian.)
3. Billboard number one (Bill. Board. Numb. Brrr. One)
4. Madison Square Garden (Madison [for all you 'American Horror Story' fans]. Square. Guard. Den]
5. Taylor twitter silence (Tailor. Twitter. Silence.)

Round five

1. Jeremy signed a fan's inhaler this year, but what message did he famously write on it? 
"Keep breathing".

2. What does Jeremy consider to be the most difficult part of touring? 
Having to be away from family and friends (yes, he said that he found it difficult to spend time away from little Cowboy)

3. "Why won't they just reunite already?" - which band was Hayley referring to when she said this? 
4. Hayley freaked out on a livestream earlier this year when which celebrity followed her on twitter? 
Tyra Banks.
5. Taylor recorded drums for which band's song? 
'Lyndia' by General Ghost.
6. Which musician was selling off Taylor's guitars earlier this month?
Kyle Rictor.
7. Someone decided to make their own 'Fast In My Car' video earlier this year, but what was it that made it so unique? 
There was no people featured in the video. Only Barbies. It really has to be seen to be believed.

8. Who directed the first (and unused) music video for 'Ain't It Fun'?
Jonathan Desbiens.
9. What unfortunate incident happened to Paramore's well loved touring drummer Miles McPherson this year?
A golf cart accident. You can read up about it here.
10. What important title did Hayley have in October of this year?
She was artist ambassador for Hard Rock Cafe's Pinktober campaign.  


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