Saturday, 31 August 2013

Paramore quiz answers: 31/08/2013

1. Which band/group/artist were playing at the first show that Hayley ever went to?


HAYLEY: Most dudes in bands would talk about how their first show was Jimmy Eat World and Mineral at the Pontiac Grille in ’97 or something. The truth is, where I grew up in Meridian, we didn’t have rock shows. All that came through my town were Christian ‘rock’ shows at our church. To see a real show I had to go the distance. When I was nine, my dad drove me to Jackson to see my favourite band at the time. A band that would continue to influence me greatly into the later part of fifth grade. That’s right… it was ’NSync. Oh, suck it, I was nine. Did you bust out of the womb bumpin’ Fugazi?”
2. Which Disney/Pixar character did Jeremy say he would trade places with for the day?

Russell (the little kid) from 'Up'.

3. Which band did Taylor recently record drums for?

General Ghost (for their latest song 'Lyndia').

4. What movie did Hayley want to ask Tom Cruise about when the band met him on 'The Graham Norton Show'?

'The Outsiders'
HAYLEY: Well, I already had the chance [to ask Tom Cruise a question] and I blew it because we [saw him] really briefly on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ in London. I was [planning on] asking him about ‘The Outsiders’ and things like that, and when we were standing face to face and I was literally looking him dead in the eye I just blanked. [Laughs.] It was over before it even started … I really want to talk to him about ‘The Outsiders’ because I feel like that might have been one of his first movies. It was in ’81, which is when it all started for him.
5. Jeremy likens his prom pictures to which 2008 chart-topping musician?

Kid Rock (on a bad day)

Hayley: Normal is boring. I don't think any of us were ever normal. I mean, you should see Jeremy's prom pictures! Hahahaha!

Jeremy: Hahahaha! They are NOT normal. I was like Kid Rock. On a bad day. 
6.  Taylor has always been a part of the band, but why wasn't he allowed to tour with them originally?

His Mum wanted him to finish school before he went off touring.

7. Taylor got a noise-violation ticket for blaring which artist's music from his car stereo?

Kelly Clarkson. He got his ticket after playing 'Since U Been Gone' too loudly at night.

8. What movie does Hayley think is based on Taylor's life?

'Gnomeo and Juliet'
HAYLEY: I think gnomeo and Juliet is a true story based on @itstayloryall's life.
9. What message did Jeremy famously write on a fan's inhaler?

"Keep breathing"

10. Which band inspired Taylor to write a "fun song", that ended up becoming 'Ain't It Fun'?

Dutch Uncles' 'Cadenza'.


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