Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B is for...

'Brand New Eyes'.

Paramore's third album burst onto the scene on the 29th September 2009 (American release date).

The band recorded the album in the first three months of the year at Lightning Sound studios in California, and was produced by Rob Cavallo.

Paramore released five singles from the record:

  • 'Ignorance'
  • 'Brick By Boring Brick'
  • 'The Only Exception'
  • 'Careful'
  • 'Playing God'
'Ignorance' marked the first Paramore music video in which Taylor appeared.

'Brand New Eyes' was a number one album in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Peru, and peaked at number 2 in America. The album went gold in five different countries and even managed platinum certification in Australia, the UK and Ireland.

The cover art was inspired by a butterfly that the band found in Hayley's Mum's driveway.

If it weren't for 'Brand New Eyes', Paramore would not have achieved the new levels of success that the album brought on them, but more importantly, Jeremy would probably have never of met his wife Kat. The pair met in a hotel lobby in London during Paramore's promo run for 'Brand New Eyes'.
"She had this huge smile and bubbly personality and I wanted that in my life." - Jeremy's first thoughts about Kat
 The band were torn when it came to naming the album. They seemed to be between three names: 'Misguided Ghosts', 'The Backwards Race' and 'Brand New Eyes'.

The title 'Brand New Eyes' originated from an unreleased song's lyrics, '7 Years In The Making':
"I’ve lost all my friendsSince they got brand new eyesThey don’t look at me the same"
Hayley wrote a huge collection of song meanings, lyrics and doodles in the 'Brand New Eyes' journal, that was sold with the deluxe version of the album. You can read what she wrote about the song meanings here, and who she dedicated the album to below:
"This record goes out to people who aren't afraid to be open minded. People who are okay with being flawed and ready to take risks. Here's the process of "figuring it all out"... I've never got there; that's the beauty of it." 


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