Monday, 1 April 2013

A is for... acoustics

Paramore's acoustics have always been nothing short of breathtaking, so here's a collection of some of their greatest acoustic performances for your viewing pleasure:

'My Heart' (live at FBR15)

'That's What You Get' (live at KWOD)

'In The Mourning/Landslide' (live at FBR15)

'Decode' (live at Green Room.97x)

'Misguided Ghosts' (live in Merriweather)

'Where The Lines Overlap'

'Feeling Sorry' (AP session)

'The Only Exception' 

'Turn It Off'

'Brick By Boring Brick'

'Ignorance' (live in the BBC live lounge)

'Born For This' (live at Warped Tour)

'When It Rains'


'Franklin' (live at Cat's music)

'Conspiracy' (live at Warped Tour)

'Whoa' (live at Cat's music)

'Never Let This Go' (live in Sheffield)

'Here We Go Again'

'Emergency' (live at Chain Reaction)


Drop me a link in the comments if I've missed any out!


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