Saturday, 1 December 2012

If there is a future, we want it now

It's beginning to get difficult to keep up with Paramore right now. Between album promo, listening parties with their label and mysterious new splash-pages for, it's becoming clear that, after months of waiting and speculating, album number four's secrets are coming incredibly close to being revealed.

The question is, when will they be revealed?'s new splash-page may have just given us the answer.

It simply reads "If there is a future, we want it now", with stylised slashes through all of the words. The R in future is the only letter that has been crossed out twice. People have had a number of theories about why this may be the case:To drag attention to the word 'Future', because it is the name of the first single from the album or the album title itself.
  • The R in future is crossed out, suggesting that FUTUE is an abbreviation for something. The abbreviation would probably be either the album title or the name of the first single.
  • The way the two lines meet, the R begins to look like a number, like a twelve or thirteen, suggesting that something is going to happen on the 12th or 13th of a month. The vertical slash resembles a one, which would hint towards it being the first month of the year. Look out for the 12th/13th January if you believe this one.
  • One letter could be crossed out per day, acting as a countdown to a release date or announcement.
  • There is also a theory floating about that thinks that the site will update with new lyrics at random intervals, and that for each new lyric, another letter will be crossed out. These crossed-out letters will spell out the album's title.
  • The way the slashes meet resemble a bow, which could be an indication that the future of Paramore, the shows, the albums, the merch... everything, is a present from the band to us.
  • Or, the present idea could be literal. The phrase could be lyrics from the first single (which people are assuming is going to be a song called 'Now') which will be released before Christmas, as a way for the band to say thank you for our continued support over the creation of the album.
An interesting piece of information which might indicate that the last option is  the most likely is hidden in the source-code of the splash-page...

Right click on the splash page.

Click on 'view page-source'.

What you're looking at now is all of the source code for that particular web-page. It looks insane. Don't worry. You only need to focus on one thing.

Hold Ctrl and F for a second, and a little search box should appear on your screen. Type in sunset.

You'll be taken to this line of code, and see that sunset (the time where this page will be taken down) is December 14th 2012, at 1am.

So, something is going to happen on the 14th December. But what?

Much like the slashes in R, there's been a few guesses:
  • New single release date
  • Album release date announcement
  • New website design
  • Album artwork revealed
  • Release date of new single announced
And this is where the source-code becomes really interesting...

'Future'. The word will display once every 1m hours until December 14th, 2012.   Either that, or the splash-page's name itself is called 'Future' and that will be on display until December 14th. Either way, after that date, something will happen.

The question is, what will happen, and what is the significance of 'Future'?


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