Saturday, 10 November 2012

Paramore quiz - 10/11/12

Question one: Which musician will be mixing Paramore's fourth album? 

Ken Andrews.

Question two: Justin Meldal-Johnsen was involved in writing the fourth album - true or false?

"I was involved slightly on some of their writing. Late in the game, of the writing."
Question three: What album did Taylor describe as being the "first record that's made [him] wanna cry in a long time"?

'Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind' by Among Savages.

Question four: What is Hayley's all time favourite What's Eating Gilbert song?

'Like It's the Last Time'

Question five: What is Taylor's favourite Christmas movie?

Taylor's favourite Chirstmas movie is 'The Little Troll Prince', which was the film that he watched every Christmas growing up.

Question six: Who is Jeremy's favourite comedian?

Dave Chapelle 

Question seven: Which Paramore band member's bunk is called "the junk bunk"?

Jeremy's. In this Paramorefans' interview with the band, it was described by Hunter:
"[Jeremy's] junk bunk is ridiculous... [his] junk bunk is like alive. It like, reaches out at you when you walk past. 
Question eight: Which band's show does Taylor consider to be the most memorable he's been to?

He considers the mewithoutYou Cornerstone show he went to in 2004 to be the most memorable show he's ever been to. He says tat he had "never seen anything like it" before and that it "changed [his] life".

Question nine: Which member advised people to "approach honesty in a loving manner"?


Question ten: Hayley punched someone in 7th grade. Why did she punch him?

One of her good friend's called Paul was messing with her back-pack after basketball practice. She asked him to stop because she was worried that she would fall down, but he kept doing it. So she punched him.

"I didn't even know that I did... I was seeing red."


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