Friday, 21 September 2012

HalfNoise's debut EP

As you may know, Zac has a solo project that goes by the name of HalfNoise. What you may not know however, is that HalfNoise is releasing a debut, self-titled EP on October 1st on Xtra Mile Recordings for Europe, or the following day to the rest of the world through

It will be released physically in both CD and 10" coloured vinyl formats, along with being available for download.

The tracklising for 'HalfNoise' is as followed:

1. Remember When
2. Sunsee
3. Hide Your Eyes
4. Free The House
5. Reproof

The video for 'Free The House', which was 
written, directed and produced by Zac. 

And if that wasn't enough Zac for you all, you'll be happy to hear that the photography for the EP was also taken by him.


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