Friday, 17 August 2012

'Monster' outro analysis

"Like the moon we borrow our light"
Feeding off other's life force, in order to shine in the world.
What makes us great is only temporary (borrowed) from the people and things around us.
"I am nothing but a shadow in the night."
Hopeless, doesn't get noticed, indistinguishable from surroundings. Without others, there's no way that we are able to shine. There's no-one to help or learn from. There's no-one to look up to or take after. We're the people we are today because of the people we grew up with, and are still being shaped by the people we are with today.
Shadows and night, reminiscent of darkness and depression.
"But if you let me, I will look and try to let your glory and mercy shine"
Despite feeling unnoticed, they want to help others fulfill their potential, to accentuate what is good about people, and to help them realise what they 'shine' at.

The question on everyone's lips right now seems to be... have Paramore just given us a cheeky snippet of one of their new songs?

Hayley wrote about one of the band's new songs here:
"I feel like it comes across a bit more hopeless… but actually that’s what excites me the most about it. To me, it’s getting to the bottom of what you thought was a bottomless pit… and that’s where you surrender yourself to whatever is next. That’s what billions of other people are doing right now. Hitting the bottom only to lift their gaze up and figure out how to get off of the ground again."
Bottomless pit - extremely dark. Gazing up, what would be the only light you could see? The moon. And considering that this pit is bottomless, even that would be a stretch. 

Hitting the bottom - You'd be more willing to accept others help. "I will look and try to let your glory and mercy shine" sound like Hayley's offering to help those that have just hit bottom to illuminate the pit they now find themselves in to you?

I'm probably just reading too much into this, but it's a possibility that this outro could indeed be a tiny part of a new song.


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