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New paramoreband livejournal update

"it's time to *really* talk about the album..."

"so, I figured since this is the first time that we're "really" talking about it, i would start here. because after all this is where everything started in the first place. well besides Jeremy's living room and our PureVolume profile. this is where we met some of you and built a relationship from afar with so many who, even all these years later, still support our band.

we're only about 2 weeks away from actually putting music to tape. no, we aren't recording this album analog but hopefully you'll understand the expression. we've already gone through all the songs that we have hoped would make it this far and they - about 19 - of them are ready to be recorded. this doesn't mean that we are going to have that many tracks on the album but it does mean that for the first time in the history of our band, we are going to record more than we actually need for an album and end up with more than a few extra tracks to play around with after the fact. it's really been a fun process for us.

by now, you know our producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen is fully involved with every part of this process. we spent a week jamming out a handful of songs a day with him and even wrote a few parts to songs with him that were missing or that just needed extra care. it was all vital to what we will do when we're back to actually hit record. honestly, it was a lot less of a real chore than i thought it might be. pre-production could go either way... at the end of the day you're ripping songs apart to put them back together again. it either works or it doesn't... and thankfully, with all of us more encouraged than ever, we were ready for the challenge of making each song as great as it could be. they'll only get better too. you've never listened to a paramore song as much as i'm about to listen to every rough mix we get back from these recording sessions. i am the original paramore fangirl.

over the next week or two, i'm going to be posting a little more often to our tumblr ( with little blogs about song subject matter or even just tiny updates about what's going on in the studio. plus, now we have instagram... ("paramorestudio") holy social networking, batman! oh, and don't forget taylor has his own instagram. he likes to compete with jerm and i for the most likes. usually he wins and i told him it's just because all the girls have crushes on him since he's the youngest and cutest. (J.Timberlake of paramore, am i right or am i right?)

anyways, i only have one more chorus worth of lyrics to write before i'm done. we started writing these songs about a year ago... i can't believe it's all about to happen!

remember to check the tumblr. talk to you soon,
hayley from paramore"
I love that you can immediately tell if she was the one who wrote the post just by looking at the use of capital letters. If there's barely any? That's Hayley's work!

This is the first time that the band have used their livejournal in quite a while, so this post is a welcome piece of news.

Another thing that is welcomed is the replies that Hayley gave to some users comments, which can often be as insightful and fun as the post themselves. 

Here are some of the 'best' comments and their replies: 

paramoreband: we are actually more open than ever to having friends play/sing/whatever on this album... we will have an actual drummer come in to play on the album... but he hasn't confirmed yet so we won't announce til that's taken care of. basically, we're of the mind that whatever will make this album the best, that's what we're going to do. taylor and jeremy are better than ever on these new songs and i will be playing some instruments too. going to be a super creative and collective experience.
 jagben: glad you're back here in the same old LJ, i feels like ages since you posted last time. I'm pretty excited about everything related to the upcoming album. any album name or song name yet?

pls keep some news for us only, dont give it all away on tumblr xD
paramoreband: titles and such will probably stay under wraps for a while longer. not sure yet.. i mean, usually i post random lyrics/working titles/or the occasional song title... but we haven't planned on it yet.
mr_raccoon: All sorts of social media stuff going on in this post haha

But anyways, I remember reading (hearing?) something John Mayer said last year about social networking sites and how he thought it was kinda kind of distracting him from his song writing. I'm wondering with how easy to publish your current thoughts, does it interfere with what you want to say on the new album? I mean like do you want to say something right away here/twitter/tumblr/dot net or wait several months for a song to come out and maybe singing what you felt at the time in a song for possibly many years to come at concerts. Just kinda curious how you balance those sort of things out.
paramoreband: I think about this stuff all the time!

social media is obviously a total distraction... not from songwriting in particular but from life in general. think about going to a show. does anyone actually experience the show for themselves anymore or are we all just recording it bit by bit for all of our friends and followers online? i go back and forth between loving and hating each social site i utilize. that never ends!

as for writing... writing is not my favorite part of being in a band. it's a literal exercise. like, sometimes i get physical headaches from thinking to hard. this pains me for a few reason, one being that i am not even the type of writer who writes very complicated lyrics or stories in our songs. i write feelings. but i'm also not the best at expressing my feelings. it's easy to post a joke or a status update on twitter, 140 characters at a time. but writing down your every emotion about any certain situation is a completely different monster. all that to say, who i am in a social setting can be quite different than the person i am when i'm jogging my mind to figure out what it is i actually want to say. even if it's something simple.

writing songs is hard for me!! tweeting about what i'm eating is easy. hope that answered your question!
chriss_c: Oh, hey there!

It's been awesome to see you guys enjoying the pre-production process over on Instagram, and it's made me even more ridiculously excited about the new album. Looking forward to lots more updates throughout the summer and eventually, some sweet new music!

Taylor is totally the JT of Paramore. I can't wait to see him go through his weird cornrow phase. :P
paramoreband: hey hey!

hahah i will begin planting the seed of cornrows in taylor's mind
planecrashdream: YOU'RE HERE!! i didn't believe it when i saw the email "paramoreband updated their journal". we miss seeing you around here every so often and being able to comment and get a reply. i think i can speak for most everyone commenting in here that it makes each of our days.

i'm glad the album process is going so well. good news!

has there been any filming going on while you guys are making the album that you might release some of the footage of later?

also, any chance of a stickam or something like last album making?
paramoreband: no filming just yet... but hopefully when we're in in the next couple of weeks we will start to document some of the album making process. honestly, this feels like such an important record for us for a couple reasons. i am so proud of this stuff and i want to be able to remember every part. we'll see.
Mariana Moreira: First of all, welcome back to the were everything started!

It's awesome to see the progress from this album. As the bio from Instagram says "You only make a 4th album once...", so i'm glad to be a part of all this production.
The excitement for this album is already killing me. I think that i never waited this much for something in my life, as i'm waiting for it!
I had so much fun seeing the updates and also de pics on instagram. In every tweet, photo or news, you made me want to be more and more on it.
It's not only about being fan (for me)... I mean, you guys really love do it, and this love is really catchy and you know... we can feel it when we are sorrounded by your music in every moment of our lives. I think that this is about being supportive in every way we can do/be.

We are all excited to see what Paramore did!
We are all trusted that it will be a huge success, just because you guys deserve it, work hard for that and put a lot of passion on it.
Make something with a real and pure heart, only brings good things!
Blessed to hear these news, i thought that we would die waiting for this moment. hahaha Thank God, Hayley's "soon", was "soon" this time!

I have some questions:
*There's a chance of any song be released before the CD come out?
*We can wait for a worldwide tour for the next year?

Thanks for being in all social networks keeping us updated.
So hey, you can still count on me.
paramoreband:  there will definitely be a song released before the album comes out but we still haven't decided which one it will be and we aren't sure the timeline of the releases.

we dream of embarking on a world tour... we will definitely be touring all over and hopefully to many new places we've never been
nzkstewlover: crying.

19 songs. 19 freakin' new songs. You better release every single one of them somehow.. *shakes fist*
paramoreband: i'm sure it'll happen. there might even be more. who knows! we like to write in the studio.
sylviale130: thanks for updating us! been looking forward to hearing your new songs! any time soon before we hear a little snippet? i also wanted to know what inspired you most during your creative writing process. :)
paramoreband: not sure about teasers or snippets. usually, FBR likes to do that sort of stuff so i wouldn't be surprised.

i'll get into inspirations and such in a much more detailed manner in later blogs.. but for now i'd say that it's a very human album with a lot of youth in it. i'm excited for how positive it feels without being gushy. there's not one angry song on the album. sure, frustrations with life as life goes... but nothing like what i experienced when writing BNE. proud that we have all these songs to show for everything we've been through. proud that we kept our chins up!
jacobjoe: I am so stoked for this album and the updates to come maybe some lyrics haha? I'm also happy you posted this here, we missed y'all here on livejournal. I know this next album is gonna be beyond amazing!!!! good luck to you and the guys :)
oh and how amazing was the hunger games?
paramoreband: i, for one, loved the hunger games movie. haters can hate all day.

i love releasing lyrics early.. but we'll see. the guys like for it all to be a surprise, we've talked about it though.
cydluvsparamore: I'm so excited for this album.You have no idea!! I've never really been around during this process So i'm glad I get to be apart of all the excrement!!! I can't wait to know more about what the songs are about!

I was wondering is there anything your wrote about that's never been in a pmore song before? Like it's something you'd never think would end up on a paramore album?
paramoreband: quite a few things i never thought i'd write about. but it all still sounds very much like it's coming from my brain. at least, i think!
oldlover: Do you feel like there's any fundamental changes to your musical style this time around, beyond the obvious change to some songwriting responsibility. What's to change this time around?
paramoreband: i really don't wanna give anything away about the sound. what i can say is you will notice that each instrument (including my voice, if i get it right!) has more character than ever. there's a new found confidence in us as a band and a new desire to just simply enjoy every last part that we are playing. you can't help but hear it in every song.

So there you have it people! Here's a quick summary of what that post has told us in terms of news:
  • Paramore will be recording at least 19 songs, possibly more, due to the fact they enjoy writing songs whilst they are in the studio
  • Expect more blogs and updates in the coming weeks about how it's all going in the studio, mostly on the band's tumblr, official website and instagram, but also hopefully on their LiveJournal itself
  • Paramore is open minded to having friends feature or play on some of their tracks
  • Taylor will not be recording drums for album number 4, like he did for the singles club songs, and will instead be replaced by a drummer who is yet to be named
  • A song will definitely be released before the album comes out, although it hasn't been decided when that will be yet
  • Hayley is keeping tight-lipped about the meanings, influences and styles of the new song, although she says that it'll be a "very human" album with "a lot of youth" in it
  • We may get to read some of the lyrics early, if Hayley gets her way. She enjoys releasing them the early, but Taylor and Jeremy enjoy for everything to be a surprise.
Hope you enjoyed reading!

Lauren xxx


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