Saturday, 16 July 2011

To anyone that has ever said that Paramore doesn't make a difference in people's lives...

"Williams – who has just come from the chiropractor because, as she explains, "I head-bang so much I've kinda messed up my back and neck" – appreciates that the band offer a lifeline. "We get notes like: 'Two weeks ago I tried to kill myself, then I heard your song and it made me feel like I don't have to give up yet.'" Once, a girl sent two bracelets to their fanclub, one of which she had been using to cover the scars where she cut herself – until she discovered Paramore's perfect storm of serrated riffs and pain-wracked lyrics. That's quite a responsibility, isn't it? "It is," she agrees, "but it also makes you feel like, if music is that powerful, why would you ever want to do anything else?"
Paramore saves relationships.
Paramore saves our sanity.
Paramore saves lives.

When no-one else is there to give you a helping hand, when there is no shoulder to cry on, no person to trust...
There's Paramore. And there's us. The Parafamily are here to help you with whatever you are going through. We are here to talk to. We are here to help. And we won't leave you. We won't abandon you. We are in this family together, connected not by blood, but by something much stronger:

We are here to listen to your problems when no-one else is around.

We are here to wipe away your tears.

We are here to be your friend when it feels as though everyone in the world is your enemy.

We are here, whether it's night or day, whether you are feeling joyful or battling depression, whether you are young, old, black, white, male, female, popular, geeky, anorexic, obese, peppy, "emo", tall, short...

We. Are. Here.

Please, don't ever forget that.


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