Friday, 12 April 2013


The time has finally arrived... 
'Paramore' has been released worldwide, and we're all trying to hold our emotions together enjoying the wonderful new music that the band have recorded. 

Just in case you haven't purchased the new album, you can do so by clicking here.

The band also released two b-sides, 'Escape Route' and 'Native Tongue', which you can currently only stream over at rdio. They are well worth checking out, so I'd head over there right now if you haven't already done so.

And here's the music video for 'Still Into You', as directed by the highly talented Isaac Rentz. I'm in love with it!

For all those that have already bought the album, listened to the b-sides and watched the music videos, here's some wee facts about 'Paramore' for you:

'Paramore' facts:

  • 'Paramore' is the band's most critically acclaimed album to date, receiving a score of 81/100 on metacritic, based on a total of 16 critical reviews.
  • 'Proof' was the first song the band finished for 'Paramore'. Hayley took the lyrics and melody to Taylor and the song was finished by the following day. 
  • After writing 'Proof', the band faced a bad case of writer's block, which they claim they got through thanks to writing the interludes.
  • 'Daydreaming' was the first song that they recorded for the album
  • Hayley stated that the album was self titled through almost all of the recording process. They described it as giving them "the freedom to explore new territory artistically and to liberate [themselves] as musicians, singers" and as people, concluding their explanation as to why they self-titled their album by simply stating "This is us".
  • The song 'Tell Me It's Okay' was also written during the recording process, but the band ran out of time so ultimately it was never recorded. Hayley said that it would be released eventually, however.
  • 'Ain't It Fun' almost never ended up being a Paramore song. Taylor was working on a loop on his keyboard, one that was not intended for band use. The loop was playing through speakers in Taylor's hotel room, and it caught her attention. They began to experiment with layering vocals, "yelling and screaming" to create a make-shift gospel choir, which Hayley wants to release for fans to listen to one day.
  • The song Hayley referring to in this tweet is 'Last Hope'


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