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Paramore update (11/03/2013-18/03/2013)

Things in the Paramore fanbase are beginning to get very busy and it's becoming near impossible to keep up with all of the interviews, lyrics and posts if you're not attached to your computer screen twenty four hours a day, which is why I've decided to make these weekly posts detailing relevant pieces of news to Paramore, the members and their music. 

'Still Into You'

The main piece of news is that the home-made lyric video for 'Still Into You' has been uploaded to Fueled By Ramen's youtube account, and is currently sitting at 531,000 views, despite only being online for a day and a half.

The video was recorded by Jeremy, Hayley and Kat last week at Jeremy and Kat's house. 

Jeremy posted this picture on the band's
instagram and even gave it the hashtag
#CantCountTheYearsOn1Hand  (a nod to the song's 
lyrics) and we were all none the wiser

If you have yet to hear the song (or watch the lyric video), you can do so by clicking on the video below.

The official music video has been filmed, with the director none other than the very talented Isaac Rentz (Haven't heard of him? You know Tegan and Sara's music video for 'Closer'? That was directed by him). 

It was filmed in Texas, and Rentz tweeted this week that he...
"Just wrapped the most colourful, joyously over-the-top video. Going back to LA to make it perfect"
It is rumoured that this was a shot 
taken during the 'Still Into You' production
and that this is what Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor
will look like in the video

The song is already doing very well on iTunes, considering that it has had literally no promotion, and is currently sitting at number 30 on the UK charts.

It might not have charted in the UK top 40, but it has charted in the UK top 100, at the very respectable place of 82.

So tell your friends about the single, share the music video on your social networking sites and let's try to push it further up the charts!

You can download
'Still Into You' here 
for only 99p


Paramore played a set at SXSW on Thursday morning (either just after midnight for Americans, or early morning for us Brits). 

The setlist was as followed:
  1. 'Brick By Boring Brick'
  2. 'That's What You Get'
  3. 'For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic'
  4. 'Decode'
  5. 'Now'
  6. 'In The Mourning'
  7. 'The Only Exception'
  8. 'Let The Flames Begin' (with 'Oh Father' outro and snippet of 'Part II')
  9. 'Ignorance'
  10. 'Still Into You'
  11. 'Misery Business'
It marked the first time that 'Still Into You' was played live. 

Warner said that this would be the case before the show, to which Hayley responded on twitter:
"Don't believe things that we don't post. I don't know why people are saying we are playing a song we've never rehearsed..."

Everyone then assumed that they wouldn't be playing the song, although nowhere in that tweet did she say "We're not going to play that song"...

The word torturous springs to mind.

For anyone who missed their set, you can watch it in it's entirety below:

You can also view some photos from the event below. They are probably among the oddest photos I have ever seen in my life, so be warned!

NYLON magazine

Hayley is on the cover of NYLON magazine, and these absolutely stunning photos of her have surfaced from their photoshoot with her:

MAC collection party

Hayley's MAC collection party also took place during what proved to be a hectic week for the band.

You can see a gallery of photos from the event here


A selection of interviews posted over the course of last week:
Right, I think that's it for this week's post. If I've missed anything out, leave me a comment below and I'll try to sort that out!


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