Sunday, 27 January 2013

Just a reminder

Everyone acts so big when they're behind their computers, they like the thought of being able to impact on someone's life and not having to deal with the consequences of their words, or actions. If they don't have to see with the look of heartbreak on someone's face when they anonymously tell them that they are worthless, then they think that they won't have to cope with the consequences.

And that's sick. 

I just don't know what it is about this society, that makes people so certain that they can say terrible things without their being any consequences, because the fact is, every action, and every word, will impact someone. And whether it's a small impact, or a large one, the truth of the matter is, you're still affecting someone's life by doing or saying it. 

That's part of the human experience. We're meant to make footprints on other people's lives. But we were never meant to stomp on their hopes, dreams and  views of the world, because that is not our place to tread. 

Basically, I wanted to remind you that you are beautiful. And not just in a vain sort of way. You are beautiful inside and out. Your opinions, your experiences, your creative spark... everything about you is completely unique and individual to you. And people will try to beat that out of you. They'll try to convince you that your way is not the right way, but that's not true. If there was a 'right way' to live your life, then we would all have a manual to our existence. We don't. All we can do is what we believe to be right. We have no guide to this world other than our minds and our hearts. The future can appeart to be dark and scary sometimes, and it'll be hard to convince yourself that you can face it armed only with your experiences and beliefs, but you can manage it. With your friends, with your family, you can do it. But please, don't let society guide you into the unknown, who knows what monstrosities will be hiding in the dark realms that it leads you to.


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