Wednesday, 26 December 2012

There's no fan in hateful.

"Fan - a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person."
Notice that, no-where in that definition of what makes someone a fan, does it state that a fan should be disrespectful, elitist, or downright offensive.

There are people on twitter right now, who are attempting to trend things that allude to past incidents, incidents that both Hayley and the fanbase would rather forget about. They pretend to be innocent when called out about said trend attempts, when in reality they are malicious and would likely hurt Hayley if she saw them.

Not only would it probably upset her, but it also objectifies her as a sexual object. There's a lot of this going about, where people focus on a particular body part of a celebrity, and speak about little else other than that. People tend to forget that celebrities are people much like you or I. De-emphasising their talents, wisdom, actions or emotions in favour of emphasising their physical attractiveness is objectifying to that person and is a perfect example of a habit that our society needs to break.

I've said this countless times, but I'll say it again. Paramore have given us so much over the years. They've matured with us and with their friendly words of advice, helped us become better human beings. When no-one else was there for us, it was Paramore's songs that got us through some of our darkest days.  Hell, a terrifying amount of people in this fanbase wouldn't be here at all if it weren't for that band's music. You see? They've given us so much, and ask for only one thing in return: our support.

Support the band's music. Support the member's life choices. Respect their decisions and opinions. That's all we, as fans, have to do. 

Yet, despite all of the things that Paramore have done for us, certain fans can't even do that in return. And that makes me sad.

If you see any 'fan' who is directing hateful things at Paramore, or any of the individual members, call them out on it. If they refuse to stop, or if they turn on you? Block them, and report them.

After all, we shouldn't be allowed to grow to hate the Paramore fanbase just because of a few hateful individuals. 


Liam Stuart said...

I'm honestly sick of our fanbase. Paramore give us everything, without Hayley, Paramore would just be a band with no singer, yet people want to hurt her, with things that have happened in the past? well Personally I think if you want to hurt anyone in the band, you should just leave. Get out and never come back.

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