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Paramore: A year in review (August)


Taylor and Hayley get new tattoos from Dan Smith.

Taylor hasn't told us the actual meaning of his tattoo, but YORGA could either mean York or (in Australian aboriginal) girl. It could also be an abbreviation or nickname, but a dedication to his family name seems most likely.

Hayley has told us the meaning of her TCB tattoo. It's an Elvis quote ("Taking care of Business). She described it as an "Elvis thing/family tradition", and said that she's been "wearing the necklace for years". 

Oh, and surprise surprise, Buzzworthy wrote an article on Hayley's tattoo. Just Hayley's.


Matt and Jordan from the band Set Your Goals talk a little about Paramore at 3.26

The band also announced on their website that they would be playing at the Soundwave festival in 2013.


Hayley updates the band tumblr with the following post:
"Bad grammar and run on sentences weeeeeee
If I remember correctly, this time last year we were somewhere on the opposite side of the world playing shows to people that we could’ve never imagined would know who we are or the songs we’ve written. It was such an exciting time to be in this band, with all sorts of new experiences and hurdles we were actually looking forward to jumping over. The highest of them being a new album - our fourth full length album, to be exact - that would need writing and recording. We told everyone, fans and journalist, family, friends… everyone, that we were determined for this album to be a defining point in our career. Not for any reason other than that we would make this recording process the most enjoyable and the most liberating experience we’ve ever spent creating anything in the history of our band. While there were a few points early on that I felt it was going to be another stressful and severely taxing road to travel, a few months went by and we got into whatever “groove” we’re in now. Making this album is the reason that our band ever began. I don’t know if it’s going to be the biggest and most successful thing we’ve ever done… who even wants to know that sort of stuff ahead of time? I can’t be 100% sure if every fan or critic who’s ever enjoyed Paramore will enjoy all these songs as well. None of us know anything except for the fact that it is, hands down, our favorite body of work to date. And a whole year from the night I wrote the first set of lyrics and melodies that would end up on our fourth album, it feels good to be able to say with all honestly how much we love what we’re doing right now.
A quick update on how things are actually going in the studio… we are 4 or 5 songs in. We like to record entire songs one at a time so we can actually hear how it’s coming together in real time rather than being all over the place with a million parts of a million songs all at once. Hence the reason only being a handful of songs in might seem a bit underwhelming to everyone outside our immediate bubble.
Seeing as most of the residents of our immediate creative bubble are back on tour duty… Our producer, JMJ, is out with Beck and we’re going on a mini tour that includes opening for The Cure at Reading and Leeds Festival (AHHHH!!!!)… we’ve taken a short break from making album #4 to see if we’ve still got what it takes to get out there and melt faces. I’ve got my hopes up and I don’t like to be let down.
The guys and I are pretty psyched on our setlist and just playing shows in general. All I’m going to say is that I’ve had to actually go and buy a couple Paramore albums again in order to refresh my failing memory on some of the lyrics. So, just to prepare yourself, you might want to brush up on some of those older ones too. Wouldn’t want to be caught singing the wrong words, right? How embarrassing.
- h"

Paramore play their first gig of the year at Pomona's Fox Theater. Fans were nearly dying of the heat, so the band sent them water and pizza whilst they waited.

Details and highlights about the show can be found here, and the concert can be seen below. 

Various websites wrote articles on the show, including sugarscapebillboard and rolling stone.


Paramore played the Belsonic festival. The Belfast Telegraph wrote an article on it, which you can read here


Hayley shared her Summer festival soundtrack with Rock Sound. 


Paramore played the Edinburgh Corn Exchange. I wrote an in-depth review on the show, which you can read here. 

emusician also interviewed Paramore's fourth album's producer, Justin Meldal-Johnsen. He speaks about Paramore a bit in the interview.


Paramore play the Reading Festival, supporting The Cure. 

Rocksound reviewed the show. You can read their review here.


Paramore played their final gig of the year at the Leeds festival, again, supporting The Cure.


Billboard interviewed some of the staff at Paramore's record label, Fueled By Ramen. They mentioned Paramore's new album, saying: 
"They also noted that Paramore is in the studio with Justin Meldal-Johnsen ( Beck, Nine Inch Nails) and that the record should be on the way in early 2013."
And for a less informing read?

Buzzworthy gave us an article on the above photo.


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