Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pomona - August 14th

Paramore's gig at Fox theater in Pomona on Tuesday night marked the band's first gig of the year so far.

  1. Brick By Boring Brick
  2. Renegade
  3. Born For This
  4. For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
  5. Decode
  6. That's What You Get
  7. Pressure
  8. Careful
  9. In The Mourning (featuring a snippet of 'Landslide')
  10. The Only Exception
  11. Hallelujah
  12. Fences
  13. Looking Up
  14. Ignorance
  15. Monster (with new outro)
  16. Whoa
  17. Hello Cold World
  18. Misery Business
Playlist format of the setlist can be found here

Setlist breakdown

'All We Know Is Falling' - 2 songs
'Riot!' - 6 songs
'Brand New Eyes' - 6 songs
'Singles Club' - 4 songs

Songs cut from the band's previous set list at Fueled By Ramen's 15th Anniversary show:
  • Playing God
  • Emergency
  • Here We Go Again
  • My Heart
  • Crushcrushcrush
Songs added to the band's setlist since the show at Fueled By Ramen's 15th Anniversary show:
  • Hello Cold World (marks the first time it has been performed live)
  • Whoa
  • Fences
  • Born For This
  • Hallelujah
'Monster' outro

"Like the moon we borrow our light
I'm nothing but a shadow in the night.
If you let me, I will look & try
To let your glory & mercy shine"
Download link for it can be found here 

  • The new outro for 'Monster'. There's a lot of buzz that it could potentially be a snippet of a song that will feature on the band's upcoming album. 
  • The fact that the band sent pizza and water to the fans waiting outside for hours in the sun to see them perform. D'aaaw.
  • This was the band's first live performance of 'Hello Cold World'. And it sounded amazing.
  • Hayley's emotional moment during 'In The Mourning' (3.28 on link for it displayed), where she chokes up as she tells the crowd:
"Thank you guys so much for being here." 

  • Just looking at the band's happy faces as they are reunited with their fans once more.


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