Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Hayley blog-post on Paramore's tumblr

...I get out my computer thinking I’m going to sit down and write some in-depth blog entry; talk about lyrics and life’s pros and cons. Tonight, however, I really just feel like saying thank you. Can’t fake a blog post! A big, long-winded entry is sure to happen soon… as I always have something to say about something. Tonight I just feel grateful that we went into a studio again this morning and got to live through our songs. It still feels surreal. Thanks to those of you who are supporting us from all over the place. You put the fire in us all the time to create and recreate. We are so excited and feel so good about what we are doing here. We’ve been waiting to make this album for a long time now.

See you tomorrow!
Hayley posted this yesterday on Paramore's tumblr account.


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